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I can honestly say that I'm at a point in my life where I can identify with some of my elders' favorite sayings:

"These are truly the last days".
"Nothing surprises me anymore".
"Your eyes get worse as you age".
"Child, grey hairs can pop up anywhere".

OMG - I'm feeling so old right now :(


What is this world coming to?

I never thought that I would be quoting z-lister actor and comedian, Joe Rogan, but he actually asked a valid question during one of his stand-up routines. Are we in a world where stupid people are the majority and smart people are the minority? Something to think about...


Thank you Jeebus!

The last day of training. I'm exhausted! The days have been long and the nights even longer. I can't wait to write about my experiences on the road but I have to wait until I go on vacation. I can hardly remember my name at this point. I can't wait to read the journals of my friends and check out the communities that I am a member of. I feel so out of the loop!


I've come to realize that...........

1) when God created woman, he realized the common sense flaw in man couldn't be fixed so he had to make an upgrade.
2) this current situation is a wake-up call for me to get my shit together and start saving for my own vehicle.
3)Mom was right when she told me that I should always have a separate bank account (Thank God, I listened).
4)my tolerance for suffering fools have increased just a little but not by much.
5)emasculation is more than just a state of mind, it's a way of life for most men that I know.

Devil's New Haircut

I got a haircut on Saturday. My stylist told me that he wanted to "upgrade me". It's a short layered bob which really makes my blond highlights pop. I needed a change and I think that my stylist knew that. The style gives me a "pixie like edge". I look even younger than I usually do.  My stylist took pics of my hair to put it into his portfolio.  I can't wait to show it off in Virginia. I'll be on the road tomorrow morning. I'm a last minute packer so I'll probably get that done tomorrow morning too.

Today, I'm going to relax and find a barbecue to crash.....


I went to MAC today to get my monthly make-up refill (pressed powder and sponges). I noticed a new make-up artist. I dug her style so I accepted her invitation to show me the newest collections. She reminded me of Amy  Lee from the band Evanescence. She was lilly white with jet black hair and ruby red lips. The thing that I was curious about was her eyeshadow - forest green. She sold me some lip-glass and a nice neutral eye color. At the cash register, I asked her "What's a goth girl like you doing with that eyeshadow?" She laughed aloud and replied, "The manager wanted the staff to wear a color from the fall collection". I didn't want her to feel offended because I really dug her eyeshadow so I said in return, "By the way, the shadow looks great on you." She smiled and said, "Thanks".

The exchange wasn't extraordinary. Surprisingly, she sold me some really conservative colors. If she only knew my goth past (black lips, charcoal rimmed eyes, and heavy mascara).


Internal Reflection

I'm yearning for chocolate. I'm attitudinal and fatigued. Must be close to that time.....

Armed with Peace

The weather is gorgeous today. I wanted to do anything that did not involve work but that was not the case. I cannot complain. It was a fairly easygoing day. At lunchtime,  I went to my favorite spot and picked up some crab rangoons. I walked to Love park with earbuds in my ears, listening to Miles, Bille, and Sassy Sarah, digging the scene. Then this feeling of dread came over me - What's going to happen today that will cause me distress? Thankfully,  I was able to let go of that thought and enjoy the moment.

RIP  Bernie aka "King of Comedy" and Issac aka "Black Moses".


 It just goes by so fast. I used to let time limit and trick me into thinking that I did not have any options. I can remember rushing and obsessing about what little time that I thought that I had left. Opportunities and chance meetings that I let slip through my hands because I didn't think that I had enough time. I still don't have a handle over time. The only thing that changed is that I don't think so much about it. I do what I can do in the moment.


Newest Guilty Pleasure