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So far......

 First of all, I'm on vacay!!!! Lord knows that I needed to take one. I've been traveling so much. Emotionally, I am in a good place. I've learned to pick my battles and when to just keep it moving. 

I've been to so many weddings, especially during the month of July. It seems like everyone around me has been getting hitched.  The first and most important wedding that I attended was my cousin's K affair.  If I were to rate it from 1-10. It would be easily a 9.5. Open bar and a bountiful feast that was ongoing. I asked her if she was happy and she informed me that she was. I haven't seen her in  over 10 years. I must admit that it is partly my fault. 

I'm such a bad friend at times (don't call or visit) but all of my friends are constantly in my prayers and thoughts. At times, I can get so internally obsessed with the problems  and issues that I have that I ignore my friends' requests to see me. What is my reasoning behind it? I just don't want anyone that I care about to see me when I am in one of those moods. At the wedding, her husband pulled me to the side and requested that I keep in contact with my cousin because she has told him of the wonderful times that we have had together.

I took  her under my wing when she was a teenager. I took her to her 1st play (Rent) and to a fancy restaurant afterwards (Old Original Bookbinder's). We also went to several exclusive clubs in the city and rode in several limousines. I used to give her advice about guys and etiquette too. As I am writing this, I can't help but smile to myself. I thought that I was something back then and she really bought into that hype.

The second wedding that I went to - what can I say? Strictly, last minute. I grew up with this couple. The bride's younger son died and her husband to be thought that it would be the right  time to ask for her hand in marriage. Granted, this couple were together for 15 years before they wedded. Her husband thought that the bride was obsessed with her son. When I think about it, she wasn't obsessed. She just used her son as an excuse not to work or further her education and status in life. Anyway, the wedding was a comedy of errors.  

The other weddings, I dont remember any specific details about them. I went because I was invited. I don't get many invitations because folks  naturally assume that I won't show up anyway. I wanted to up the surprise factor and shock people by actually going to their soirees.