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Chester Cheetah = Nostradamus

Reminds me of that lyric in The Pointer Sisters' song  from the movie Car Wash - "If you gotta believe in something, why not believe in me".  



 I was on my way to a neighborhood store and I caught a glimpse of someone that I used to work with. I immediately put on my sunglasses, hoping that he would not recognize me. Then I heard that familiar bass voice call my name. I took off my shades and managed to muster up a smile. "Hey, how's it going?" Pete replied, "Fine, now that  I have you in my presence". Then Pete asked, "Do you still work with kids?" I told him that I did not. He replied, "Too bad, you had a really nice way with kids". Then, the real reason why he approached me came to fruition. 

"I'm a sergeant now for the neighborhood district and I'm charge of the basketball program at the Boys and Girls club", he said. I replied, "Wow, that's great!" Pete was a rookie when I was in the field (working with children). "Do you still play basketball?", he asked. I told him that I don't play like I used to. Then, he had the audacity to ask, "Would you be interested in being a referee or coaching a team at  the Boys and Girls club?" I asked for his card and told him that I would be in contact with him. I'm not going to rule out this opportunity. I miss working with the young ones sometimes but  then I give myself a reality check. Do I have the patience to coach or referee teenagers with all of their attitude and moodiness?

Fuckin' Satellite TV

 Just called the provider and went through some steps with someone from the technical assistance department. Of course, I spent like 45 minutes on the telephone. What's the synopsis? Someone is coming out on Thursday to repair it. I should have called and inquired about that from the start. That's why I have the service protection plan. No tv in the comfort of my bedroom tonight.I guess I'll get down and dirty with the hubby. I need to get some kicks before I go to sleep.

I'll check the PBS site and see if I can buy those documentaries. While I'm at Circuit City or Best Buy, looking for replacement DVRs, I'll pick up the seasons of The Boondocks that's available. I'll also pick up Cidade dos Hommes (City of Men) episodes.  I loved that tv show.  It was about two boys growing up in the favelas of Brasil.  Recently, I bought the movie, "City of Men" on dvd. It's a wrap-up from the tv show that ended when the boys turned 17. The show was on the air for 4 years with the same actors in the lead roles. I really liked and cared about the characters.The movie was a nice ending/beginning to their story as men.

I recently bought the movie 'The Bank Job", which is based on a true story. It was a pretty good film - surprisingly. I bought it for several reasons: 1) I'm an anglophile. 2)I like films based on true events/stories. 3) I like action and gratuitous violence (as long as it doesn't involve animals). and 4) I like foreign films.

I guess that I'll spend the majority of my time in other areas of the house where the regular receivers are located. I have the DVR in my bedroom.  Maybe I'll actually get some sleep in there.

I got the chance to see "The Dark Knight" on its opening weekend. I enjoyed "Batman Begins" and I have liked Christian Bale since he starred in "American Psycho". My sis has a major crush on him and so does every other female that I know. I think that he has a nice body but I'm not feelin' his face. Batman is my second favorite hero. Spiderman is my absolute fave. I was a comic book geek in a  former life. "The Dark Knight" had its good moments. Heath Ledger was great as "The Joker". However, i wanted to see him carve someone's mouth open (then the movie would have lost the pg13 rating). Christian Bale's over the top voice change when he donned the suit bugged the heck out of me. I kept mocking it throughout the movie. Overall, I give it a B. The next movie that I'll see will be the next "Mummy" movie. I adore Jet Li and I want to see him kick Brendan Fraser's ass.

Just My Luck.....

My DVR is on the blink. Damn! I was just about to catch up with the movies and tv shows that I recorded a while ago. I've been on the road and didn't have the time to watch any of them. I recorded the biographies of Walt Whitman (one of my fave poets), Marvin Gaye ( iconic crooner), and Zora Neale Hurston ( the writer that inspired me to embrace language and colloquialism in all of its forms) that were featured on PBS's American Masters. I also recorded some episodes of The Boondocks and one of my favorite Bette Davis movies, Of Human Bondage.

It's about time to invest in another DVR. Hopefully, I can catch a sale at Circuit City or Best Buy. Damn, it's always something. I don't even think that my technologically inclined husband can get me out of this jam.

Just A Thought......

 I'm on vacation but I have this need to log on to the network and check my job's email. I don't want to get caught up with all the drama or lack thereof  that 's going on at that place. My husband told me that he is going to temporarily block my job's website (so I can't log on), take my Palm (so I can't check emails or answer calls), and hide my laptop (so I can't log on, check emails, or start to work on upcoming projects). I am becoming the thing that I dread the most - a workaholic!


Cheers, George!

I waited 25 years to see George Michael in concert. I finally got the chance last Saturday. His performance was everything that I'd hope that it would be - full of dancing, excitement, and sexual energy. I know that George is gay but that night I found myself attracted to him - just like I was when I first saw him in the video "Bad Boys" . When I think of George, I can't help but think about the 80's. The 80's were filled with  mostly happy memories for me. Good songs, good times and cheesy clothing. 

However, when I first heard "A Different Corner", I realized that I had found a kindred spirit in him. On the outside, I was full of laughter and smiles. On the inside, I was full of doubt,  insecurity and sadness. So much so that I developed agoraphobia and depression.

George's songs, especially the introspective ones like "Waiting for that Day" ,"Blue", "Jesus to a Child" and "You have Been Loved", have helped me get through the sad times that I have had in my life. On July 26th, I experienced one of the best times of my life. I was with my best friend (my sister), dancing, laughing, and singing the soundtrack of my life. Thank you George for an evening that I will never forget.

P.S. : I also forgive you for being 45 minutes late. Your performance was worth every minute that I waited for you to appear on the stage.

So far......

 First of all, I'm on vacay!!!! Lord knows that I needed to take one. I've been traveling so much. Emotionally, I am in a good place. I've learned to pick my battles and when to just keep it moving. 

I've been to so many weddings, especially during the month of July. It seems like everyone around me has been getting hitched.  The first and most important wedding that I attended was my cousin's K affair.  If I were to rate it from 1-10. It would be easily a 9.5. Open bar and a bountiful feast that was ongoing. I asked her if she was happy and she informed me that she was. I haven't seen her in  over 10 years. I must admit that it is partly my fault. 

I'm such a bad friend at times (don't call or visit) but all of my friends are constantly in my prayers and thoughts. At times, I can get so internally obsessed with the problems  and issues that I have that I ignore my friends' requests to see me. What is my reasoning behind it? I just don't want anyone that I care about to see me when I am in one of those moods. At the wedding, her husband pulled me to the side and requested that I keep in contact with my cousin because she has told him of the wonderful times that we have had together.

I took  her under my wing when she was a teenager. I took her to her 1st play (Rent) and to a fancy restaurant afterwards (Old Original Bookbinder's). We also went to several exclusive clubs in the city and rode in several limousines. I used to give her advice about guys and etiquette too. As I am writing this, I can't help but smile to myself. I thought that I was something back then and she really bought into that hype.

The second wedding that I went to - what can I say? Strictly, last minute. I grew up with this couple. The bride's younger son died and her husband to be thought that it would be the right  time to ask for her hand in marriage. Granted, this couple were together for 15 years before they wedded. Her husband thought that the bride was obsessed with her son. When I think about it, she wasn't obsessed. She just used her son as an excuse not to work or further her education and status in life. Anyway, the wedding was a comedy of errors.  

The other weddings, I dont remember any specific details about them. I went because I was invited. I don't get many invitations because folks  naturally assume that I won't show up anyway. I wanted to up the surprise factor and shock people by actually going to their soirees.

Saturday, Oh Saturday....

 It's Saturday and I'm playing the recap of the events that occurred over the past couple of days. I enjoyed  the second day of the workshop that I facilitated with my colleague.It was good to talk and share some of my recovery story with peers. At times, I need  to pat myself on the back and think about some other things that I am looking forward to (new experiences, new fears to overcome as well as new feats to achieve). It really made my day when a peer came up to me and told me that I was an inspiration. That felt so good.

My nephew was robbed at gunpoint a few days ago.His cell phone as well as some money was stolen from him. We talked and I told him that materials things are not as important as our lives. He's fine despite being really angry. I told him not to forget that there are still some good people in this world. Some people make bad choices because they feel as if there are no other options. When times are desperate, we limit our choices as well as our problem solving skills because we succumb to our "big" emotions.  

After taking Friday off, I made the mistake in checking my job's email. I have so many emails to respond to. I had to tell myself that this is my time off and it can wait until Monday.  I logged off immediately. I have been having an amazing weekend so far. I will not have a hand in sabotaging it. I just have to remind myself about not limiting my options.

Playin' Hooky

I spent a wonderful day with my husband. We ditched work because the day was just too beautiful to stay indoors. My husband and I  had a chance to relax and enjoy each others company. I am so blessed to have married my best friend.  He got the chance to see other guys check me out,  He didn't get upset because he knows that I'm happy at home. I'm getting so much attention from the opposite sex because I'm emotionally and physically unavailable.  Oh well.....


Hump Day

 Today was a rough day. I had to do some technical assistance in a behavioral health setting located in the "hood." I enjoyed meeting the program members. Sorry I can't say the same about the staff. I think that they shared the same bottle of "Hater-ade" this morning. I have to go back there tomorrow. I'm not really looking forward to it.

Philadelphia should be ashamed of itself. The look of defeat and desperation are all over the faces of the neighborhood's residents.  The program members thanked my colleague and I for spreading the message of recovery and wellness. When the workshop was over, I walked through the neighborhood with my head held high. Confident in my stride while trying not to let the surroundings get me depressed.