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I Don't Like Mondays

My  plan was to call out today. I haven't taken many days off but I said to myself, "Call out on a really nice day".  As soon as I stepped in the building, I got a telephone call from the program's director. I didn't mind. Her request was simple and it would take me minimal time to complete the task. After I finished the task, I got another phone call from a colleague. It was a simple task but it required some movement. I didn't have my morning cup of joe yet but I agreed to do the task anyway. As I proceeded to walk out of the office, another colleague, made an inquiry about a task without saying "Good Morning" first. That's a serious pet peeve of mine. I think that it's common courtesy to give someone a salutation or a greeting before starting a conversation. 

I replied to her request with "Good Morning" and walked away. Some minutes later, she came to my office,  gave me a greeting, and started a conversation. My emotions are high because it's close to that time of the month. I'm  trying my hardest but I cannot suffer fools. My patience has a limit. I had to threaten a young lady on the elevator because of her rudeness. She hollered a request at me and I told her that if she hollers again, her next stop would be the gates, the pearly gates. My colleague looked at me in shock. 

The meeting that I had today was full of "pass the buck" folks. No one wanted to take responsibility for decision making. However, the whole day wasn't bad. I had dinner with my honey and I am starting to feel better.  



Rambling #2

Despite the drama from my hair stylist, I survived getting my hair done. I got a nice trim and I'm feeling fancy free. The weekends go by so fast. I feel like I just left my office.  This week will be busy for me. I am not looking forward to the work nor the effort that I have to put into it. I shouldn't complain because I'm blessed to have a job that I actually like.

I heard that my nephew got a tattoo over the weekend. I tried to talk him out of it but I have one that he thinks is "so cool."  Everyday I look at my tattoo with some regret.  I don't regret getting it but I abhor the questions that I am asked by people.  It seems like wearing short sleeved shirts invites an unwanted conversation. I don't owe explanations about anything on my body but I find myself giving one anyway. 

I have learned to pick my battles.....

Going to the Beauty Salon

Maintaining my appearance is an integral part of my wellness. Due to a hectic schedule and bills(of course), I was unable to keep my regular appointment with my stylist. It's Sunday and I have a hair appointment. I can't go another day being unsatisfied with my locks.  When my hair doesn't look good, it affects me. In a way, I feel like my strength comes my hair and my smile. So, I have to  mentally prepare myself for the judgmental glares that I will receive from the old ladies who are on their way or coming from a religious service. I loathe judgmental people. The relationship that I have with my higher power should not concern them. I'm satisfied with it.

I adore my hairstylist. He is so dramatic. When I visit the salon on an unscheduled day, he has a way of making me feel less confident than I did when I initially walked in.. He'll tell me to sit in his chair while he walks around touching my hair with an disapproving stare and tone in his voice - "Honey, I'm glad that you came in this week. I have worked too hard to get your hair together". Then he leads me to the shampoo station and barks out orders to the assistants. I try my best to hold in my laughter. He makes everything seem so urgent. In a way, it makes me feel important and that's the reason why I keep coming back to the salon.


Taking Personal Responsibility

Mental Challenges, Physical Challenges, Workplace Burnout, Trauma, Substance Abuse...... We are all recovering from something.

All of us, at some point in time, have questioned our purpose in  life. Some of us use substances,  take unnecessary risks, and live in complete denial about the things that we are unsatisfied with in our lives. My colleague, Mike, usually asks me "What's right with you" instead of  "What's wrong with you".  I didn't know how to answer the question at first. Now when he asks me, it forces me to take inventory about the things that are "right" in my life. I get so focused at times on the negative things.  

Martin Luther King, Jr wrote an essay that included the phrase "creative maladjustment". We deal with the injustices that we face everyday differently. There's no wrong or right way to deal with them. We do what feels good to us. Change begins when we start to question our methods.  I took inventory of my life and realized that all risks aren't negative. Positive risk taking does exist. You just have to be willing to take personal responsibility for your wellness.